State and Federal Laws

Gambler’s Oasis LLC is registered by the United States Department of Justice – Attorney General’s Office in Washington, DC and operates in full compliance with the Gambling Devices Act of 1962. This registration includes the buying, reconditioning, repairing, leasing and selling of gambling devices. Gambler's Oasis LLC holds a current State of Ohio Vendor's License as well as various Gaming Licenses.

State Laws and Regulations Regarding Private Ownership of Slot Machines

It is imperative the customer verify laws regarding ownership of gambling devices in the State in which you reside. It is the sole responsibility of the customer (BUYER) to determine and verify their own State’s, County’s, Township’s or Municipality’s laws, statutes, and/or ordinances for private home ownership of slot machines and/or gambling devices.

As a BUYER, you agree that you are responsible for checking State and Local laws prior to purchase. Gambler’s Oasis makes no representation as the legality of use and/or ownership of any slot machine in any State.

Private home ownership of slot machines is limited to entertainment and amusement purchases only. Unless specifically permitted by law, the use of privately owned gambling devices for gambling for profit is strictly prohibited.

As the buyer, you agree that any item purchased from Gambler’s Oasis LLC will not be used for unauthorized/illegal gambling. Any buyer who violates this provision by conducting any act deemed illegal in their State will hold Gambler’s Oasis LLC (seller) harmless, and in addition, agrees to defend any and all adverse claims made against the seller at the buyer's expense.

Customer pick up of slot machines is available from our location in Cincinnati, Ohio during business hours or by appointment. Local home delivery when offered by Gambler’s Oasis LLC will only be made to locations within our delivery area in Ohio and Kentucky.

Customers from Canada and Outside the United States, please call us for details. Laws change from time to time. If you have any questions regarding Gambler’s Oasis LLC Legal Policy, please call or e-mail us.