“Got the machine today, looks perfect, works perfect, very prestine and damage free shipping. Thanks for a great packing job!”

Brian (IGT Cleopatra Five Reel)

“We got the machine and it looks great! The most we have won tonight is 150 quarters by getting three 7's. I think we are really going to like it! I can’t wait to hit the big one! Thank you again!”

Paula (IGT Red, White and Blue Five Time Pay)

Billy & Paula’s RWB Five Times Pay:

“Thanks for the great after sales support. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone wants to buy a slot machine.”

James (IGT Double Red, White and Blue)

“Thanks for the detailed instructions. It took me only a few minutes to fix the problem and all the error codes are gone. It printed out a ticket fine. Thanks again & look forward to buying some other slots from you.”

Matt (IGT Tabasco I-Game Video)

“We shopped around including online, in our home town, and other locations including Las Vegas and yours was by far the best price and value on a machine that also happens to look and operate like new! Add your spectacular service to the mix and we couldn’t be more pleased. We love it! Thank you very much.”

John and Sherly (Triple Diamond Deluxe)

“Mike, I want to say thank you. The Double Diamond Deluxe slot machine that I purchased is GREAT! I am 100% satisfied, the machine arrived on time, in great condition, and ready to play. I am definitely a happy customer. The next slot machine I buy will also be from slotmachineoasis.com. THANKS!”

Keith (IGT Double Diamond Deluxe)

“Who knew we would go to a Home and Garden show and come away with a Slot Machine! That’s what happened. While at the Home and Garden show we came across Gambler’s Oasis’ set up. We had researched on-line previously to possibly purchase a slot machine. We were very impressed with Mike’s spectacular customer service and help.

We have quickly grown from one machine to now four and can’t wait to add more. We are so happy with our selection of slot machines and the customer service has been nothing but top notch from the beginning. And yes, I was lucky enough to hit the jackpot on the “Hot Peppers” before my husband.

Thanks again for the great customer service and it has been a pleasure to work with someone who is truly passionate about his business. We look forward to adding more machines later down the road.”

Rick and Cindy V. (All IGT: Fives Stars, Triple Lucky “7”, Triple Stars and Hot Peppers)

Rick & Cindy’s Casino:

Cindy’s Big Win:


"I have to say that I shopped around for a IGT machine and Mike at Gamblers Oasis had the one I wanted ,and at the best price. I am pleased to say I've had it for over 2 years and I love the purchase.

And as a bonus I found out you can still find a company that more than stands behind the product they sell.I did need some help along the way and could not believe how knowledgeable and quick Mike was to remedy my situation.

In this day and age this way of doing business is hard to find.If you are looking for a slot machine you are definitely on the right site."

Ray (IGT Double Diamond Five Reel with Free Spin Bonus)

Comment: Ray, thank you for the Crown Royal!!!


"We recently researched where to spend our money on slots for the rec room. Clearly after talking to all the local dealers one stood out like no others. Mike and crew at Gambler's Oasis are straight shooters, honest, customer service oriented, consciences of their customers needs, with fantastic service after the sale.

The bottom line is they mean what they say. This is an extinct quality in this business. They don’t just turn them on and if they light up sell them. If your in the market for home machines this is the only place to buy them. Thank you Mike for taking good care of your customers."

Al (IGT Crystal Five, IGT Double Red, White and Blue and IGT Tabasco)


"Mike, thank you for walking me through the purchase and guiding me through the initial set up. This is by far the most fulfilling entertainment-purchase in years.

Such an incredibly easy setup process. It literally took me longer to decide 'where' to place the unit than it did to plug it in and start playing.

The unit plays just like regulated casinos. The main menu to select games and settings is intuitive to navigate.

I wish this purchase was made years ago. Couldn't be happier!"

Michael (IGT Game King Super Star Poker with LCD Touchscreen Monitor)


"Mike, at my age I have grown to expect bad customer service. From our first conversation to the delivery of my slot machine, I could not have been happier.

Machine arrived as described, well packaged, and on time. I wanted to change the name on the printer ticket and you walked me through it on the phone. The knowledge, customer service, and continued support, has made my purchase an exceptional value. Thank you!"

Wes (IGT Ten Times Pay)


"I have now purchased two machines from Gambler's Oasis, a Game King and a 5x pay reel slot, and I could not be happier with my decision to get my machines from them. The communication from Mike is outstanding!

I bought both machines at separate times and in both cases he kept me up to date on the status of my games and when they would ship. When he no longer had the particular 5x pay machine I was looking for he took the time to go through his entire inventory to be able to show me all the options he had for a 5x pay machine. I have spoken with Mike a couple times on the phone, he is polite and courteous and willing to answer any questions I had.

I cannot say enough about the quality of the games I received from Gambler's Oasis. I work in the gaming industry in Las Vegas and know what kind of abuse casino machines can take and therefore the condition most second-hand machines come in, but when I received my machines from Gambler's Oasis, they were like brand new machines! Every light worked, every button worked exactly as if they were new. The machines were clean inside and out, the metal all nicely polished and the cabinets without any scratches or blemishes.

They were very well packaged, being wrapped in bubble wrap and shrink wrap to keep them safe from harm during shipping. The glass was taped secure so that it could not rattle and break during shipping. The machine and accompanying stand that I purchased were both protected by sturdy boxes and securely strapped to a shipping pallet. It is obvious that Gambler's Oasis takes great care to prepare the machines for shipping so that they arrive in the same condition that they left in.

I am glad that I made the decision to own my own slot machines. I have had endless fun with them since they arrived and can foresee many many years of enjoyment from them. I am even happier with my decision to get them from Gambler's Oasis. With the excellent customer care and the phenomenal quality of the machines I received, there is no doubt in my mind that all my future slot machine purchases will be from Gambler's Oasis. Thank you Gambler's Oasis for being THE oasis fur purchasing slot machines."

Mike (IGT Game King 6.2 with LCD Touchscreen Monitor and IGT Five Times Pay)


"I had been searching for this particular slot machine for a long time and came across it on the Gambler's Oasis website! I was so excited to get the machine and be able to play it in the comfort of my own home without the hassle of driving all the way to a casino. The very first night I had the machine, I hit the jackpot!

If you are considering purchasing a slot machine for your home entertainment collection, I would definitely recommend Gambler's Oasis!"

Tim (IGT Pink Panther)



What a pleasant surprise it was to get a phone call from you saying you would be personally delivering our slot machine on Sunday, the day before Valentines Day. Needless to say that was my wife’s favorite Valentines Day present ever!

The machine was just as Mike described, “GORGEOUS!” It truly looked as if it just came off the factory floor. The cabinet, glass and overall appearance are truly amazing!

Needless to say we had a ball with a few friends that evening playing our new Double Red, White & Blue slot machine. It’s an incredibly beautiful and fun machine that we will enjoy for many years.

Mikes technical support is amazing! I had many questions about my new slot machine, and Mike didn’t hesitate to take the time to answer every question I had, whether via e-mail, or by phone!

We now have 2 slot machines and plan on at least 1, maybe 2 more. We wouldn’t consider buying from anyone but Mike at www.slotmachi... (IGT S2000 Double Red White & Blue)


Over the course of the last year I have been looking into buying a couple of Slot Machines. I have looked at several sites and talked to a couple of people (if they would return my call or email) about them but didn't really know what I wanted to get.

Then I stumbled onto slotmachineoasis.com. while looking online late one evening. I sent sales an email inquiring about prices, what they had in stock etc. I stated in the email to call me around 10am the next day to discuss some machines. 10am! I get a call from a Mike Piper who proceeded to tell me anything I wanted to know about all types of different slot machines and was eager to help in anyway he could. From the time I spoke to him to the time I actually made the purchases which was around 3 months later, Mike was always there to answer my sometimes ridiculous questions with a smile.

I placed my order for a Lobster Mania and a Hexbreaker video slot machines on a Wednesday and received them on Friday, 565lbs in 2 days! I was shocked... I opened these machines up and it was like opening a new Macintosh computer. These machines where impeccably packaged second only to Apple Computers and that is a hard act to follow.

After the much unwrapping I got to view machines and they looked as if they were brand new! I still am shocked that these were ever even in a casino let alone some number of years. When I turned them on it was magical, these machines light up the room with the vibrant glow of Vegas. I through a $100 bill in and went to town.

I really like it when I make a purchase from a company and I am treated with respect. Mike you don't happen to sell cars do you? I wish I could buy a car and feel like I do when I buy machines from you. My basement only has room for 20 or so, Looks like I need a new basement! :) Thank You Mike"

Mark and Lauren (IGT Lobster Mania and IGT Hexbreaker)


Parent's Enjoying Their Game King 6.2


Comment:  Steve, thank you!!!  We appreciate your business!!!


Chris's Awesome Man Cave!


Paula, thank you for the wonderful card!!!


Nita's First Big Win!!!


Al's Beautiful Machines


Fun In The Home Basement Game Room


Comment:  Chris, thank you for the Hawaiian Treats!!!


Rob's Basement Fun with the Grandkids


Jason's Garage


Our Business Neighbor Mark on Christmas


Rich's Family Retreat


Don's Home Game Room


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